PAWESOME- A free service to exchange pet sitting, advertise pet sitting or socialize ! Currently available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

If you are a pet owner or a pet sitter, this app can help you save money or make money. You can make friends too!

Exchange pet sitting, advertise pet sitting or go on pet walks together. Pawesome makes it easier for pet owners to register for any of the above activities and then other pet owners can find them on a map based user friendly interface. Pawesome currently caters to pet owners with cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea-pigs and hamsters.

There is no login required and registering your entry is very simple. You just hit the + in the app and enter your details like name, e-mail, address etc, your pet details like name, type, age, size etc, and the activities you’d like to register for. Once we approve your entry others will be able to find you.

One can search interested folks near a certain distance of an address in a very user friendly map interface and contact them from within the app.